In every world, there is a balance between good and evil which allows life to flourish.  On Troyf, that balance has been challenged many times in the past, but never as deeply as during the Dragon Oppression.  As destinies become known and characters grow, friends are seduced by evil, brothers separated to fight against each other, and one human finds powers deep within him changing everything he knew to be true with his heritage.  Volumes 1-3 do not disappoint.
Magic and adventure await the bold readers who dare venture into the author's mind.

Matthew E. Nordin
Rich plot with exciting turns that continue to ignite interest as you read through the book.
Christian Devine
Keeps you wanting to read from one chapter to the next. I strongly recommend
Amazon Customer
....tells the story while weaving into it the magic and fantasy without allowing either to overshadow the other. This is an excellent read that keeps your attention throughout the entire book.
Amazon Customer
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